Friday, September 14, 2012

New blue baby

Oh hey there...its only been eons since I've blogged. 

So for those of you who I'm not connected with on facebook, guess what?? I'm pregnant!!!

And its a BOY!! Another boy.
Not gunna lie...I really thought this one was going to be a girl. And not because of any motherly intuition because I already know I have NONE...that was proven when I really felt that my previous babies were going to be girls. To really "feel" something on a maternal level and then have those feelings bashed by reality- a good reality but different from the reality you'd felt nonetheless- does crazy things to feeling in tune with maternal self. No no, I felt this one would be a girl because my pregnancy has been so different from my previous two. 
I was starting to think that pregnant and post-pregnant women all over had dramatized their pregnancy dilemmas because I had had TWO babies and never had an issue with the smell of my husbands deodorant, never had a craving (that I didn't want...that particular issue can come in mighty handy as an excuse when its midnight and you're lacking self-control!). I had energy to exercise through my other pregnancies and rarely took non-normal naps (everyone naps through highschool and college right?). 
But this pregnancy has been a slap in the face and I bow in humility to you strong women who experience these symptoms with every pregnancy but have continue to have these sweet babies. I rarely left the house for the first 3 1/2 months, slept around the clock (I win worst mother award to my other 2 kids!), rarely ate because everything either sounded horrible or would actually make me sick if I ate it, and have used up my years worth of bathroom time standing over the toilet, although I rarely actually throw up. 
But the worst is past. I finally have energy to go out on the town, stay up past 8:30, only take one nap a day,  and eat- although the mention of meat still makes me want to hurl. Hallelujah!!

I had my ultrasound appointment yesterday and at 19 weeks it is definitely a boy with healthy measurements and activity levels. He weighs approximately 9 ounces and his due date is still February 10, 2013. I have gained 2 lbs so far (although I haven't been feeling great the past two days and hadn't eaten much so I'm sure that brought the scale down a little) and all the blood work has had good results. What a blessing!!! We are so excited to welcome this new little man into our family next year!

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Missy said...

Congratulations!! I did not know. It's interesting to see how each pregnancy can be so different. I'm not good at guessing genders either. It's just not a "gift" I have ever had:)
I'm sorry you haven't felt so great, but I hope things only get better for you. It looks like we are about a month apart!